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Educational Visit to Vocational Colleges, Schools and Companies and information/workshop about cooperative learning methods

in  Germany

This course aims to give participants a deeper understanding of vocational education in Germany. The 7-day-course is carried out in school and company visits, discussions and workshops during the academic term in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Participants will understand the German school system, how (vocational) education works and the idea how (cooperative) learning methods are integrated into the classroom curriculum.
Participants will get the opportunity to meet and discuss with teachers, trainee teachers and advisors and will get the chance of lesson observation. Cultural visits and social activities are included.

We are also able to tailor programmes to meet special requirements.



€ 560 tuition and € 175 organization/travel costs for cost-field projects such as guided city tour and an excursion

Place: (in and around) Flensburg, Germany  

           Host organisation offers booking of accommodation


Language: English/German


Certificate: Europass Mobility




De 1/19     10.03.2019 - 16.03.2019    (wird seit Kursdurchführung 2019 nur noch als Abrufveranstaltung für mind. 12 TeilnehmerInnen durchgeführt!)



Schools can book this course if they have at least 12 participants.


Planned Programme

Day 1                  Arrival, registration


                           Introduction of participants,

   Present your  school/college



Day 2             

   Information about the German education

   system and about vocational education

                           Sightseeing Flensburg

                            International evening, networking


Day 3

                          School visit or company visit, sharing information with staff

   Lesson observation, discussion and evaluation

   of lesson(s)

   Creative ways to learn with and about others


Day 4                 Excursion - intercultural learning

Day 5                 School visit or visit of cultural site

                           Teaching methods and tools



Day 6              

                           Workshop about international collaboration

   Introduction eTwinning; workshop on projects

   Establish an informal cooperation network

   stretching beyond national borders



Day 7           

                           Feedback session, evaluation and

                           dissemination activities