Improve your Intercultural Competence and Experience about Culture, History and the Spanish School System

- Spain (Seville and surroundings)



Seminar Date:



Sp 1/18

19 - 24 October 2018

Sp  1/19


Sp  1/20


Sp  1/21


Sp 1/22


Sp 1/23


SP 1/24


01 - 07 November 2019


31 Oct - 06 November 2020


30 Oct - 05 November 2021


05 Nov - 11 November 2022  


04 Nov - 10 November 2023       confirmed!


09 Nov - 15 November 2024

The course covers 7 days including ca. 35 course-lessons


Please contact course provider to get more information


While visiting at least one college, a company and cultural sights in and around Seville participants will improve intercultural knowledge about culture and education. Vocational teachers or those dealing with further education might be specially interested. Other interested teachers are invited to participate as well. Additionally we will try to give ideas about establishing projects and interesting classroom tools.




- Experience different places of interest in Seville


- Examine different teaching methods and tools for the classroom and learn about vocational education in Seville


- Visit at least one company


- Learn about European projects and project management, e.g. etwinning


Languages: Spanish but also English and German


The final programme with information about accommodation and places to be visited depends on the number of participants and will be published to registered participants at least 2-3 months before departure.


Course fee: 7 x € 80 = € 560


+ € 50 for administration, cost-field projects/tickets/cultural activities (can be paid out of organisational support)


+ accommodation, twin-bedded, organized by Teachers on the Move, ca. € 128 per person per day.


singles: extra costs